5 - Characters

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There are only three characters in this story. We have a few information about them but we don't know their names.

  • The main character is a twelve-years-old girl, who is also the narrator of the story. Oddly, she is the less described character in the story. We just know she is nearly as tall as her mother.

  • The second character is the girl's mother. She's thirty-four. She is a very suspicious woman and she especially doesn't trust the strange men. When she distrusts someone, she looks at this person with a frosty-nosed stare.

  • The last character is an old person. He looks to be at least 70. He looks like a gentleman: he's very polite and well-dressed because he's got a silk umbrella and beautiful brown shoes. We have a physical description: he has « a fine white moustache, bushy white eyebrows and a wrinkly pinky face ».

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